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Hydro Green Energy (HGE) is a privately-held hydropower development company that focuses on building new, low-impact hydropower projects.  In the U.S., HGE is currently developing numerous projects in 13 states, including two projects presently in the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) hydropower licensing process.  HGE hopes to deploy its first low-head hydropower project in 2014 near Pittsburgh, PA.

In the U.S., HGE holds permits for the development of nearly 300 MW of new hydropower capacity, equivalent to the energy production from approximately 1,000 MW of solar power or 650 MW of wind power.  HGE’s current projects could provide enough annual power for approximately 190,000 homes and annually avoid over 2.6 billion pounds of carbon emissions.  In Latin America, HGE is presently involved in the development of 15 MW of new hydropower capacity and is reviewing numerous other projects in several countries.

At hydropower sites that have less than 30 feet of head (the difference in elevation between the upper and lower pools at a dam) and large volumes of flow, HGE seeks to deploy its “plug-and-play,” low-head hydropower solution that minimizes the civil work and the costly, time-consuming and environmentally disruptive installation process of conventional hydropower.  HGE holds U.S. Patents 6,955,049; 7,837,411, 8,072,089 and 8,558,402 on its modular technology, as well as numerous foreign patents. 

HGE’s technology concept was successfully proven at its first facility in Hastings, MN.  While HGE’s technology is designed for specific low-head hydropower sites, the company’s focus is not limited only to those installations.  Where warranted, HGE will deploy more conventional technologies and project designs.  In fact, HGE is currently pursuing several different types of hydropower projects, including low-flow, high-head projects to generate clean, renewable power in the U.S. and in Latin America.

In 2009, HGE was presented with the National Hydropower Association’s President’s Award in recognition for the successful licensing and installation of the Hastings Project and for HGE’s industry leadership.  The Hastings Project, which was the first commercial, FERC-licensed hydrokinetic project in U.S. history, was named runner-up in Power Engineering magazine’s 2009 Renewable Energy Project of the Year competition, as well as Renewable Energy World magazine’s Project of the Year. 

In September 2011, the U.S. Department of Energy awarded $1.8 million in grants to HGE to perfect its second generation hydropower technology.  HGE received its Series-A financing in 2008 and Series-B financing in 2011.

HGE’s leadership team holds over 50 years of experience in the U.S. power sector, over 20 years in the hydropower sector and has developed over 10,000 MW of power generation.  With its patented technology, unique project development approach and its team of seasoned power industry professionals, HGE aims to lead a new era of responsible hydropower growth in the Americas.

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