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Regulatory and Environmental Team

HGE has chosen to partner with some of the best environmental and regulatory experts in the hydropower industry for the development of its low-impact hydropower projects. Learn more about our strategic partners below.



HDR is an employee-owned architectural, engineering and consulting firm with a staff of over 8,000 professionals in more than 185 locations worldwide. This staff includes some of the most experienced and capable engineers, regulatory experts, environmental scientists and project management professionals in the hydroelectric industry. HDR assists clients with the development of new hydropower projects from feasibility studies to project engineering, and with the modernization of existing hydropower facilities.

Our modernization experience ranges from run-of-river projects to the largest generator-motors in the world, and includes a 15-year EPC program which revitalized 45 generating units at 13 stations with a total installed capacity of 1,550 MW. In the past ten years, HDR served as lead or provided key technical support for more hydropower licensings and relicensing than any other firm - over 100 facilities in 20 states, representing more than 12,000 MW of installed capacity.

HGE projects: Braddock



Kleinschmidt is an employee-owned, energy and water resource consultant.  When it comes to energy, however, our primary focus is hydropower.  We have built our organization around hydro for the past 45 years and have 10 strategic office locations to serve the vast majority of hydro owners in the U.S.

Our services include: Engineering, Licensing, Environmental, Compliance and Fish Passage.  We are currently working on both small and large hydro development projects ranging in size from the 4.4 MW Jordan Dan in North Carolina to the 130 MW Holtwood Redevelopment in Pennsylvania.  Kleinschmidt is proud to partner with forward thinking developers like Hydro Green Energy to continue to pursue renewable energy for America.

HGE projects: Claiborne

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