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Below you will find various images related to Hydro Green Energy's development activities in the United States and Latin America.

Included in our image gallery you will find:

  • Development activities
  • Projects of Hydro Green Energy
  • Media events
  • Images of hydropower, the world's leading renewable energy source

Please note that all photographs on our site are the property of Hydro Green Energy and are not for reproduction or distribution. Please contact us for permission to use a photograph or to request additonal photographs.

Hastings Project 

Photographs from Hydro Green Energy's Hastings Hydrokinetic Power Project, from fabrication to installation to operations. 

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U.S. Projects 

Images of sites where HGE is developing new, low-impact hydropower facilities

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Latin America 

Photos from various sites in Latin American where Hydro Green Energy is involved in the development of new, low-impact hydropower projects.

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