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Hydro Green Energy Moves to Chicago Area and Begins Development Process for Seven Power Projects in Midwest

WESTMONT, IL – JUNE 14, 2011 – Hydro Green Energy, LLC (HGE), a renewable energy company with proprietary hydropower technology, today announced that it has moved its corporate headquarters from Houston, TX to Westmont, IL.  The company also announced that it has officially begun the process to obtain federal approval to install and operate seven hydropower projects on the Mississippi River.

“Hydro Green Energy is excited to move its headquarters to the Chicago area,” said Michael P. Maley, President & CEO of HGE.  “The Chicago area has much to offer in terms of workforce talent and ease of travel to our projects and customers.  Illinois is also home to a number of key policymakers on Capitol Hill, including the President of the United States.  We look forward to working with those individuals to ensure that hydropower’s great value to U.S. energy strategy is fully realized.”

The seven hydropower projects HGE has begun to develop are located on the Mississippi River at United States Army Corps of Engineers’ (USACE) Locks and Dams.  All of the projects, initially totaling 56 MW of green power, are located within the Midwest Independent System Operator service territory (MISO).  MISO ensures the reliable, efficient and sustainable delivery of electricity in 12 states in the Midwest.  Before installing and operating its hydropower projects, HGE must receive an operating license from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  HGE’s seven projects will initially deliver enough annual power for approximately 35,000 homes.

“HGE's first hydro project was on the upper Mississippi River at a USACE facility,” said Mr. Maley.  “We look forward to returning to the region of our first success and to working with all stakeholders to ensure a thorough and expedient licensing process.  We are particularly excited to partner again with the United States Army Corps of Engineers so we can bring clean and reliable power to thousands of electricity consumers in the Midwest without impacting the Corps’ primary mission.”

Hydro Green Energy is a privately held company.  Hydro Green Energy’s patented hydropower technologies are deployed at existing infrastructure to create cost-effective, renewable electricity in an environmentally-responsible manner.  HGE is presently developing 30 “low-head” hydropower projects at existing non-powered dams in 15 states.

Hydro Green Energy holds preliminary permits for the development of 350 MW of new hydropower capacity, enough annual power for approximately 210,000 homes, and has permits processing on another 125 MW of capacity.  Many of the sites under the development of HGE can be expanded after initial development.  For more information, please visit our website.

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