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JULY 14, 2015 – Hydro Green Energy, LLC (HGE), a renewable energy company with patented hydropower technology, today announced that it has received a 50 year major License from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for its 5.25 MW low environmental impact hydroelectric project at the Braddock Locks and Dam near Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

“Hydro Green Energy recognizes this as a watershed moment in its history.  We believe we possess a disruptive technology that can change the low head hydropower industry,” said Michael P. Maley, President & CEO of Hydro Green Energy.  “The Braddock Locks and Dam on the Monongahela River in the Pittsburgh metropolitan area is an optimal location to showcase our technology at an existing non-powered dam.  Braddock will provide zero emission, base-load, renewable energy for Pennsylvania.  We have received tremendous support from the State.”

HGE is expediting the licensing efforts for 8 additional projects located in the Northeast, Midwest and the South at United States Army Corps of Engineers’ Locks and Dams.  These projects will be next in line for construction as Hydro Green prepares for tremendous growth.

“HGE's first project was on the upper Mississippi River at a USACE Lock and Dam,” said Mr. Maley.  “We are particularly pleased to partner again with the United States Army Corps of Engineers so we can bring clean and reliable power to thousands of electricity consumers in Pennsylvania without impacting the Corps’ primary mission of navigation with this existing non-power producing navigational lock and dam.  We look forward to being in a position to begin construction in the coming months.”

Hydro Green Energy is a privately held company.  Hydro Green Energy’s patented hydropower technologies are deployed at existing infrastructure to create cost-effective, renewable electricity in an environmentally-responsible manner.  HGE has 20 issued U.S. and international patents on its technology with additional patents pending.  HGE is presently working with other developers and municipalities in the U.S. and internationally to license the technology which is capable of reducing project costs by 40-50% compared to conventional hydropower systems.

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