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In the U.S., less than three percent of its 80,000 dams are outfitted with hydropower technology. While hydropower has long been the nation's leading renewable energy resource, the growth potential for hydropower is significant.  In fact, the U.S. could double its hydropower output without building a new dam. Doing so would bring new environmental, energy and economic benefits to millions of Americans.

For its domestic projects, Hydro Green Energy focuses on building new, low-impact hydropower projects at existing, non-powered dams. In many cases, HGE will deploy its patented modular technology.  HGE currently holds the development rights to 300 MW of new capacity in 13 states. HGE's technology is designed to do the following:

  • Reduce the footprint associated with new hydropower;
  • Reduce the timeframes to develop new hydropower;
  • Minimize disturbances to the river while installing the project;
  • Minimize environmental impacts during operations; and
  • Reduce the costs of installing and operating new hydropower.

In Latin America, nearly all of Hydro Green Energy's projects are new, high-head, low-flow facilities that operate in run-of-river fashion, which is an operational mode preferred by environmental stakeholders. In Latin America, HGE is presently involved in projects comprising 15 MW in Chile. HGE is presently reviewing over 500 MW of new hydropower capacity in Latin America.

For more information on HGE's Latin American development activities, please follow the "Latin America" link in the navigation bar on the left side of this page.

U.S. Projects of HGE

Project Location City & State River Estimated Total Project Capacity Estimated Annual Net Energy Production

Braddock Locks & Dam

Braddock, PA Monongahela 5.25 MW 32,000 MWh

Claiborne Lock & Dam

Monroeville, AL Alabama 19.6 MW 108,000 MWh

USACE Lock & Dam No. 13

Fulton, IL Mississippi 10 MW 57,000 MWh

USACE Lock & Dam No. 14

Hampton, IL Mississippi 10 MW 57,000 MWh

Coffeeville Lock & Dam

Coffeeville, AL Tennessee-Tombigbee Waterway 15.4 MW 104,000 MWh

USACE Lock & Dam No. 24

Clarksville, MO Mississippi 25 MW 142,000 MWh

USACE Lock & Dam No. 25

Winfield, MO Mississippi 25 MW 142,000 MWh

USACE Lock & Dam No. 26 (Mel Price)

Alton, IL/St. Louis, MO Mississippi 75 MW 427,000 MWh

A. I. Selden Lock & Dam

Sawyerville, AL Black Warrior 5 MW 25,000 MWh

Columbia Lock & Dam

Columbia, LA Ouchitau 8 MW 35,000 MWh

Hepburn St. Dam

Williamsport, PA West Branch Susquehanna 3 MW 16,000 MWh

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For more information about Hydro Green Energy’s existing projects or low-head hydropower technology, or to forward us information regarding a potential project site in the U.S. or Latin America, please fill out the form below. Thank you for your interest in Hydro Green Energy.