Who We Are

Hydro Green Energy (HGE) is a privately-held hydropower project development company.

Our leadership team holds over 35 years of combined experience in the U.S. power sector, over 15 years in the hydropower sector and has developed more than 10,000 MW of power generation.

We were the first company in the United States to license, fabricate, install and operate a grid-connected hydrokinetic (zero-head) power project. Our first low-head hydropower project is expected to come on-line in 2015.

Our Business

HGE develops low-impact hydropower generation in the United States and Latin America. At certain low-head sites, we deploy our patented, modular hydropower technology.

In the U.S., we presently hold the development rights to 300 MW of hydropower capacity at existing non-powered dams, equivalent to the energy production from approximately 1,000 MW of solar power or 650 MW of wind power. In Latin America, we are presently involved in the development of 15 MW of new, low-impact hydropower capacity.

Through our low-impact hydropower development activities, we aim to lead a new era of responsible hydropower growth in the Americas.